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Application Development

Sometimes all it takes is the right technology solution to transform how a business runs; performing operations faster, smoother, and more securely than ever before. Manual processes can be automated through carefully-designed software so they are accelerated, less prone to error, and require fewer resources. But while there are many off-the-shelf software packages, they are often too generalized to meet the specialized needs of your business and integrate into your unique environment. Too little functionality in the software leaves gaps in the workflow while too much functionality can become a burden to learn and maintain.

This is why TAG11 Infotech is more than a technology services provider, but a business solutions architect. It is our goal to understand your unique business needs and circumstances and develop the right custom application that fully meets these objectives and seamlessly integrates with your existing environment. Our clients rely on us to provide a positive return on their investment in a technology solution that pays for itself through increased efficiency and productivity.

TAG11 Infotech Applications Development Characteristic

  • Scalable Architecture – The size of your business is never stagnant, so your applications must be able to accommodate changes in users and data.
  • Thorough Testing – TAG11 Infotech uses a dedicated team with testing expertise to ensure that the application is delivered bug-free.
  • Optimal Cost, Quality, and Time Metrics – TAG11 Infotech distinguishes its software development model by using a components factory model. Here we develop the code area first feature-wise. Then the user interface is added and the user experience is tested in the application. The result allows us to balance the cost, quality, and time metrics of development.

TAG11 Infotech’s Software Development Lifecycle

TAG11 Infotech allows for the easy implementation of a custom application by adhering to the software development lifecycle:

  • Analysis and Planning – Effective software begins at the planning stage where gathering information and understanding the needs of the business are of paramount importance. Only by understanding the unique challenges and objectives of your business can we begin building a list of requirements for the application and defining a project development plan.
  • Design – Based on the collected requirements and our understanding of the business environment, TAG11 Infotech will design the user interface. We believe that software lives and dies by its user interface, so we take special care to design a very user-friendly and attractive interface for our clients.
  • Development– We ensure that the application is robust, scalable, and easily manageable. Unlike most software applications, TAG11 Infotech designs our applications so unforeseen errors do not abruptly terminate the application. We take careful consideration when developing the architecture so that it is appropriate for the application.
  • Desktop Applications – The architecture for desktop applications is three-tier. The data layer is on the bottom, with the business layer resting above. The top layer is the view layer.
  • Web-Based Applications – For web-based applications, we use model-view-controller architecture (MVC). Here the model manages the data, the view creates a viewable layer for the model, and controller receives user input and initiates response.
  • Cross-platform Applications – In designing the architecture for applications that function within a Cloud or on mobile devices, we use web services.Here the code is reusable because of user controls and fundamental object-oriented programming
  • Testing – TAG11 Infotech has special expertise in the area of testing. We have a dedicated testing team that uses both automated and manual testing to check for errors and usability. We do both white box and black box testing. Our testing covers functional testing, user experience testing, regression testing, and performance and load balancing testing.
  • Implementation – Implementation – TAG11 Infotech ensures from the beginning that your custom application seamlessly integrates with your existing architecture and deployment is smooth and hassle-free. We provide user-friendly training when necessary to educate personnel on how to effectively use the new software.
  • Maintenance – Maintenance – TAG11 Infotech provides ongoing maintenance of your custom application as necessary. We employ an effective error handling and logging system so any errors encountered are logged and emailed to a respective

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