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  • They have done a wonderful job with my website. It is clear, colourful, and very professional. Even better is the service I receive when I need something updated.

    Tech Busy Team See More
  • I have found your service very helpful in tracking down webpages that are infringing upon my copyrights. Thus far using your service, I have been able to track down around a half-dozen webpages th Michael Haaren See More

Outsourcing partner

If your company operates in IT or adjacent industry, from time to time you may receive requests from customers for software development services. One of the primary reasons to consider outsourcing is when a project is outside your company's core competence. Investing man-hours and budget in unfamiliar tools and technologies reduces your team's effectiveness at producing your core products or services. At the same time, TAG11 Infotech is ready to cope with such a kind of projects, regardless its size and budget.

  • Expand your services, enter a new market and make your customers more satisfied. Outsourcing increases your competitive advantages, efficiency of productions and thus, profitability.

  • You keep your expenses controlled because you don't have to hire additional personnel.

The project implementation is absolutely transparent, predictable and manageable for you due to clear, carefully documented and fully controlled software development process.

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