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Application Integration

Leveraging the benefits of market leading technologies and platforms can be a smart and cost- effective way for companies to grow their businesses and improve their processes. Integrating with client or vendor systems can improve business relationships and streamline information flow and financial transactions.

TAG11 Infotech has helped a number of clients strengthen their internal systems by integrating them with third-party tools and platforms. These clients were able to leverage this integration to increase their revenue without costly investments in new sales personnel. They were able to quickly ramp up their sales, order processing, and inventory management capabilities by utilizing the tools used by the market leaders in their industry.


TAG11 Infotech has designed a solution that integrates with the eBay auction system. Through a single application, our client can communicate with this market leading platform to quickly and easily sell and manage their inventory. Leveraging the power of the eBay system provided an instant boost to the client’s sales while allowing them to keep management costs low.


PayPal has become a global leader in online payment solutions with more than 70 million active accounts worldwide. TAG11 Infotech has helped clients leverage this powerful payment engine by integrating it directly into their internal systems. Clients that utilize this tool gain access to a wider array of customers and can easily streamline the online financial transaction process.


TAG11 Infotech has built a solution that integrates the power of the Ariba service offering. Ariba is the leading provider of spend management solutions, with applications operating on nearly four million desktops around the world, including a number of Fortune 100 companies. TAG11 Infotech’s solution integrated with the Ariba system to enable our client to provide a customized shopping cart and catalog. Leveraging the power of Ariba allowed our client to easily interact and perform financial transactions with large-scale clients and vendors – providing instant growth to their business operations.

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