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Channel Partnerships for Mutual Success

Successful businesses are able to accommodate the complex software and business requirements of their clients with robust software solutions and cutting-edge technologies. But the field of information technology includes a vast range of specialty knowledge technologies and expertise that most businesses cannot fully access from within.

TAG11 Infotech’s Channel Partnership program was designed to help these businesses fill in their gaps in technology, resources, and expertise. Every business has core competencies that their attention is best focused on. But, as a channel partner, TAG11 Infotech complements your existing competencies with our own expertise in Information Technology. The result is a mutually beneficial relationship where you can seamlessly outsource IT requirements and projects to us while concentrating on your core business strategies.

Could You Benefit from a Channel Partnership?

There are a number of industries that could benefit from a channel partnership:

Networking Companies –

Concentrate in IT and Networking Support while TAG11 Infotech assists in tertiary services like offsite backup, disaster recovery, and customer relationship management.

Marketing Companies –

Focus on creative marketing strategies and concepts for your clients while TAG11 Infotech brings your imaginative ideas to life with web, mobile, and social media application development.

Consulting Firm –

Your proficiency is in offering expert strategies to your clients; our proficiency is in creating them. You can rely on TAG11 Infotech as an outsourcing partner for rapid, reliable, and low cost development.

Small IT Companies –

Many small IT companies specialize in project management and outsource the coding and developing. TAG11 Infotech provides reliable, communicative, and rapid development to supplement your lack of in-house time and resources.

This is not a complete list, the channel partnership program is the perfect solution for any business that requires more technical expertise but does not want to increase their in-house overhead. We encourage you to contact us to speak with our CTO and discuss how a channel partnership with TAG11 Infotech could potentially improve your business.

Why Partner with TAG11 Infotech?

TAG11 Infotech stands out among other outsourcing providers because of our ‘hybrid development model’ which uses both onshore and offshore development teams to deliver technology solutions with faster turn-around, higher quality, and lower cost. When we work with our clients, we communicate with them with our onshore team who specializes in project management and client satisfaction. Then, once we understand the project requirements and the needs of the client, we can break down the project into pieces and send these tasks to the teams that are best suited to handle them. The result is a service that bypasses the inherent problems with just onshore (high cost) or offshore (poor communication) development while reaping the benefits of both.

Our Satisfied Channel Partners

This proven model has benefited our channel partners with cost-savings and faster turn-around times without compromising requirements. By partnering with TAG11 Infotech, your business will be able to offer a more robust variety of services and solutions to a larger client-base without adding to your current infrastructure. With TAG11 Infotech as a reliable partner, you will have access to a wider talent pool, more technologies, and additional resources enabling you to meet the requirements of nearly any project.

Please take a moment to learn about some of our existing channel partnerships and how these mutually beneficial relationships have resulted in more success for our partners.

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